Brussels-ParisWeek-Long Study Tour | Economics Program

This week-long Study Tour takes you to two dynamic political centers and economic hubs of Europe: Brussels and Paris. Brussels is the center for European decision making, while Paris is one of Europe’s largest city economies In Brussels, you will develop a deeper insight to the global culture of the city, and learn how political institutions, think tanks and lobbying organizations influence economic policy decisions. At the headquarters of the European Union, you will discover how policy decisions from Brussels not affect only the EU, but the entire world. In Paris, you will examine ways globalization affects the French financial markets, as compared to the U.S. and Denmark. You will gain insight into how France, one of Europe’s largest economies, views the role of the EU and its perspective on economic decisions and trends.

This multiple destination Study Tour utilizes Europe as your classroom. You will see first-hand how economic theory is practiced in various contexts, and you will gain insight into Belgian and French culture and history. Drawing on this cultural context will allow you to better understand and analyze the intersection of ideas, politics, and economies in the European Union.


Tour Objectives

  • Experience two important European cities at the center of creating European economic and political policy
  • Examine the way international trade, economic integration, and comparative advantage link together to provide an overview of how globalization impacts European economies
  • Gain insight into how the euro zone currency has been impacted by globalization during the financial crisis

Possible Activities

  • Visit various government institutions, economic-focused organizations, think tanks, and national banks
  • Tour the European Parliament and networking with foreign dignitaries, scholars, and lobbyists
  • Attend lectures and discussions at the EU Commission, Bruegel Think Tank, National Bank of France, and OECD and interview lobbyists from various institutions around Brussels