Globalization and European EconomiesSemester Course

Week-Long Study Tour
Ireland or Bratislava-Vienna or Brussels-Paris
Core Course Week Study Tour
Denmark-Northern Germany
Major Discipline(s)
Economics, Finance, International Relations
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

You explore globalization and its impact on trade, capital, culture, and politics around the world. A particular focus is on European economies and challenges faced by the EU and its neighbors. You gain a deeper knowledge of theories within the field, and go on to apply and challenge economic thinking through discussions, Field Studies, and Study Tours.


Mikkel Godt Gregersen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

M.Sc. Economics (University of Copenhagen), MBA (Melbourne Business School). Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in the field of control, growth, and creativity. Assistant Professor at the Copenhagen Business School. Lecturer at University of Copenhagen. Previous employment: A.P. Moller - Maersk (controller / manager), Entrepreneur, ReD Associates (Consultant / Finance Manager). With DIS since 2013.

Adrian Mongan

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Master's in Economics (International Macroeconomics), UW Madison, Wisconsin. Master's in Economics (International Trade), University College Dublin, Ireland. Worked in multinational conglomerates for over 10 years with roles as company macroeconomist, strategy director, and in strategic communication. Experienced university lecturer in international trade, macroeconomics, and microeconomics. With DIS since 2019.


Lavanyan Thedchanamoorthy

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Cand.oecon, Syddansk Universitet, 2012. Trainee, Trade Council, Bangalore, India, 2010, Assistant professor, Erhvervsakademi Kolding, 2014-2017, Economist, Danmark Statistik, 2017-2022, Freelance teacher, Aspiri, 2016-present, Senior Analyst, EKF Danmarks Eksportkredit, 2022-present. With DIS since 2022.