Navigating Copenhagen and Denmark As an Expat

Renting a Bike

Copenhagen: Many Identities, Many Communities

Traditionally, Denmark does not have a history of being a melting pot of different identities. Although historically homogeneous, the society today is shifting to include and acclimate a growing population of international students, expats, immigrants, and refugees. Approximately 10 percent of the population living in Denmark is of foreign descent.

As a city, Copenhagen prioritizes progression and forward thinking, and is considered advanced in fostering gender equality and equitable sexual expression.

Navigating Copenhagen and Denmark as a Non-Dane

As a non-Dane in Denmark, you represent a growing population of minorities. Expect to be challenged as an American or minority abroad. Copenhageners are known as open-minded people who love learning about others and broadening their own horizons. Keep this in mind, and you will have opportunities to have enlightening conversations. When you find you are out of your comfort zone in a conversation, explain your own perspective or cultural norms patiently, and see it as a chance to engage in an intercultural exchange.

Additionally, prior to departing for your semester, research communities you feel you would identify with, and be sure to talk to your study abroad advisor about potential concerns.