DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Computer Science Program

Alongside a two-day seminar in Copenhagen, you will travel on a three-day Study Tour in Denmark to gain insight into the field of artificial neural networks and deep learning by meeting various professionals in both the educational and industry setting. You will have the opportunity to discuss and understand the challenges of the field and hear from the experiences of developers. You will visit both industry and academic institutions involved in both models- and real-world applications of artificial neural network programs. See how what we have learned in class about propagation, model-fitting, pattern recognition and prediction and more come to live in solutions already put to use today as well as what is in the pipeline for AI in the not so distant future.

The program is supplemented with cultural visits to help you learn more about Danish history and culture and experience life outside the capital. Some cultural visits include touring art museums, visiting historical sites, and enjoying traditional Danish food.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain insight to the translation of computer science from academia to industry
  • Understand the computer programming techniques that are most heavily involved within the profession
  • Engage in your personal learning process outside the classroom by actively participating and challenging your current ideas and assumptions.
  • Get to know your fellow students and professor in an educational and social setting outside DIS

Possible Activities

  • Learn how AI are at the core of security solutions at specialized tech companies like Therma in Århus
  • Visit Odense Robitics – a high-tech cluster of robot and automation companies
  • Meet with peers and professors at the DataLab at Århus University