DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Psychology Program

Required Course(s)

During the short Study Tour, you will have the opportunity to meet with Danish organizations, practitioners and researchers to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges, digital technology presents in Denmark. The academic visits will give you a forum to explore, analyze, and discuss the psychological implications that technology has on human behavior and society.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore and reflect on the use of digital technology in Denmark in different aspects of life (workplace, relations, culture, etc.)
  • Analyze how cyberpsychology can be applied in practice in various settings
  • Reflect on your own use and dependence on technology and the practical, psychological, and social impact it has

Possible Activities

  • Meet with local researchers to understand how social relations have changed in the technological era (e.g. exploring "the digital family", gamification, etc.)
  • Visit local organizations to explore the negative effects of digital technology like cyberbullying, identity theft and revenge porn
  • Interact with therapists working with online therapy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this method