GreenlandWeek-Long Study Tour | Environmental Science of the Arctic Program

Required Course(s)
Ice Cores and Ice Ages

You will have the rare opportunity to study arctic phenomena in Greenland during this week-long study tour to Kangerlussuaq. This Study Tour will combine topics involving arctic biology, geology, meteorology, and arctic politics, with hands-on experience on the ice sheet. You will encounter the Greenlandic ice sheet, discuss climate changes, discover magnificent flora and fauna, and hopefully, witness the aurora borealis.


Tour Objectives

  • Explore past climate change to contextualize current and projected climate change
  • Gain an understanding of the methods applied in palaeoclimatology, including various indirect measurements (proxies) and dating methods
  • Understand the basis for climate projections and the source of some of the main uncertainties

Possible Activities

  • Hear a lecture on the Aurora borealis and a visit to a radar station
  • Take an all-day excursion to the Greenland ice cap and participate in a tundra safari
  • Enjoy Kaffemik and have a coffee get-together with a local family