AmsterdamWeek-Long Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

Required Course(s)
Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness
Fall/Spring semester

The Study Tour to Amsterdam offers the opportunity to explore consciousness and cognition outside of the classroom. We experience the feeling of being conscious of oneself and of our own perceptions by exploring through various activities in socio-cultural and physical environments. We also discuss current consciousness research from diverse perspectives, in a European as well as a global context.

Tour Objectives

  • Appreciate the distinction between consciousness and cognition from theoretical and empirical perspectives
  • Explore different understandings of the meaning of ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’ through a multicultural perspective
  • Increase your understanding of research approaches adopted in European consciousness studies

Possible Activities

  • Eating a ‘blind dinner’ to examine the connection of our various senses to cognition
  • Join a session of Tibetan Buddhism meditation at the Maitreya Instituut Amsterdam in order to experience pure access to our conscious stream while maintaining a strictly phenomenal perspective
  • Test Ned Block´s claim that we perceive more than we can account for by trying to conceptually pin down the pre-conceptual experience of tastes