AmsterdamWeek-Long Study Tour | Psychology Program

Required Course(s)

Alongside Copenhagen, Amsterdam is one of the most digitalized cities in the EU. On this Study Tour we will visit companies, practitioners, and organizations working with various aspects of modern technology to identify and analyze the cognitive, emotional, and social impacts of technological development on a national, organizational, and individual level.

Tour Objectives

  • Learn about new developments in the field of cyberpsychology within a European context
  • Explore and reflect on the use of advanced digital technology in Amsterdam regarding different aspects of life: workplace and work-life balance, relationships, social norms, etc.
  • Reflect on and experiment with your own use of technology and the impact it has on your life

Possible Activities

  • Experience full body free roam VR gaming
  • Meet with researchers looking into psychological effects of recent tech developments
  • Experience digital withdrawal - how does it feel to be without your devices in a new place?