March 12, Archived Alert Related to COVID-19 (Information on Departing Copenhagen)

March 12, 2020

Dear Students,

Thank you for your patience this morning. Here is what you need to do as you plan your departure:

To Do:

  • Bring your books with you – this is necessary if you plan to complete your semester with DIS through remote learning
  • Leave your key and laundry card (if applicable) in a departure envelope found in your common room, and put the envelope in the key return box at your site
  • Return your bike. If you cannot do this due to time restrictions, leave the key in your room on your desk with a description of the bike and where it is parked, as well the company you have rented it from
  • Remove food, all personal items, and take out trash
  • If you have the time before you fly, return borrowed items from DIS

Important: When you have checked out of your housing, email with your full name (Note that there will not be replies). If you already notified the email given last night, you do not need to write again.

To Know:
All DIS housing and support will be closed to students after March 19th.

Despite the travel ban announced by President Trump last night, U.S citizens and legal permanent residents will be able to return to the U.S. from Europe. Students not in these categories should consult home campus international student advisors for guidance on how this might impact them.


  • We cannot book the ticket for you, but if you need assistance, write to for advice
  • We discourage students from moving out of housing and going to the airport without a ticket

We wish you the best possible departure under these circumstances.

DIS Emergency Response Group