March 10, Archived Alert Related to COVID-19 (COVID Testing)

March 10

The Danish Health Authority’s guidelines have been updated with regards to COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 testing is now only recommended if there is a “special medical reason” for doing so. This means that testing is reserved for certain demographics who are more likely to need early treatment to reduce the risk of developing serious symptoms, such as those over 65 and others who have existing medical conditions.

The new guidelines state that the general public does not need to take a test if they experience COVID-19 symptoms. Nor do close contacts of people with COVID-19. However, testing will still be needed for certain individuals including medical providers.

It is important to continue to limit transmission of COVID-19 through good hygiene practices. People who feel unwell should continue to stay home as not to risk infecting others. See more guidance in the updated flow chart.

DIS will continue to make a limited supply of self-tests available in the Student Hub and support student testing requirements for DIS purposes (e.g. study tours, DIScovery trips, field study, practicum etc.). If you decide to test for personal travel or other purposes, please note that DIS will not cover the cost of COVID testing.

You can learn more through this article of The Local.