Food Stipend Purchase Card (Semester)

Food Stipend Purchase Card, DIS Copenhagen

This information pertains to students who live in Kollegiums, Residential Communities, Living and Learning Communities, or Rented RoomsRefer to the Comprehensive Housing and Support Inclusions for an overview of what is included in each housing option.

What is the Purchase Card?

The Purchase Card is meant to assist you with food and living expenses, but not intended to cover them fully. You will not be reimbursed for any unused balance at the end of the semester, so we recommend you to use the card from day one.

Why do I get a Purchase Card instead of cash?

The purchase card is more secure than using cash because it can be canceled and replaced if it is lost or stolen.

Where can the Purchase Card be used?

The Purchase Card can be used in Føtex, Netto, and Bilka.

How do I use the Purchase Card?

  1. Give the card to the cashier upon checkout.
  2. Two receipts will be printed: one for you, and one for the cashier, which you have to sign.
  3. The amount paid is automatically deducted from your Purchase Card.

How do I keep track of the balance on my Purchase Card?

By contacting the Accounting Department (Kontoafdelingen) at Salling Group:

Phone: 87 78 50 00
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 13:00

You need to give them your name and your card number, which can be found on the card itself.

Your card will be rejected at checkout when there are insufficient funds to make the designated purchase, and you then have to personally pay for the purchase. To avoid this, keep track of your balance on the purchase card.

What happens if I lose my Purchase Card?

While your purchase card is associated with your identity, you should cancel it quickly if lost, in the case that someone attempts to use it. Be sure to know where it is at all times and keep it with other debit and/or credit cards. Have a copy of your card number in a location separate from the card in case it is stolen or lost. You are fully responsible for reporting a lost/stolen card – DIS will not do so on your behalf.

If such an event occurs, you should personally block the card immediately by contacting Salling Group (see contact information above); you will need to state your name and the number of your lost card. Once your stolen card is blocked, you will be issued a new one which is sent to the Student Life Information Desk in Vestergade 8. You will then be notified of its arrival in order to retrieve it.