DIS Student Photographer

Does capturing a beautiful moment from behind the lens of a camera make your heart skip a beat? Then a position as a DIS Student Photographer may be perfect for you! 

What Do Student Photographers Do?

Student Photographers are tasked with creative photo assignments throughout the semester to help tell the story of all aspects of the DIS experience – everywhere from quiet moments on the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen to slipping into the back of DIS classrooms to shoot a faculty member teaching a class.

Within the team, there are three defined positions you can apply for:

  • Event Photographer – this team member photographs DIS classrooms, field studies, and evening events as needed. The photographer should be comfortable being a fly-on-the-wall.
  • Portrait Photographer – this team member photographs individuals or groups and assists planned photoshoots. The photographer should be comfortable engaging in directing the subjects in the shoots.
  • Instagram Photographer – this team member’s primary responsibility is to contribute to the DIS Instagram accounts by pitching and creating content for posts and stories. The photographer should also have experience in writing captions and creating dynamic stories.

Why Should You Apply?

  • You are trained by the Marketing & Communications team and work with us throughout the semester on photography assignments
  • Your time spent with the Marketing & Communications Team can be noted as a non-credit internship on your future resume, and at the end of the semester, you can request a letter of recommendation or LinkedIn recommendation to build your resume*
  • You’ll build your skillset and portfolio abroad, and your photos will be used in DIS catalog, web, and social media material
  • You will be a DIS ambassador – helping to inspire future students and set their expectations about what the real experience is like
  • You’ll join a community of creative students interning for the Marketing & Communications Department. We’ll invite you to various events where as a group, you will share your photos and get feedback both from a marketing and photography perspective
  • At the end of the semester, you will be invited to a special thank you dinner, to celebrate the semester and to thank you for all that you’ve contributed

*Please note that this is an experience-building ambassadorship and is not a paid position.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Photographers with intermediate or above photography skills, who are proficient in using DSLR cameras. Additionally, if applying to be an Instagram Photographer, you are an expert in using smart phones and the Instagram app.
  • Applicants should be outgoing and enjoy photographing people, and know just the right moment to capture to tell an amazing story in a photograph!
  • Photographers who are ready to take on the DIS visual aesthetic – non-filtered and people-centered with a clean, Scandinavian look and feel.
  • Good time management and organization skills, as you will be expected to complete assignments alongside academic and social commitments.

How to Apply

Spring 2018 students should apply by January 11th. Submit your application by email to studentmedia@dis.dk and include the following:

  1. A short statement of interest including your past experiences and what you hope to get out of the position (no more than 250 words)
  2. The position you would like to apply for:
    • Event Photographer
    • Portrait Photographer
    • Instagram Photographer
  3. A link to an online portfolio or gallery of your work. Additionally, if applying to be an Instagram Photographer, send us your account username and make sure your profile is public.
  4. If you will be bringing your own gear abroad, note the model and year of your camera (the DIS Marketing Team will also have high quality cameras for you to sign out for assignments, however, a limited supply)

Positions are competitive! Be sure to contact us by the deadline.

Chosen candidates will be notified by email on or before the end of January.