Creative Writing Living & Learning Community

The Creative Writing Living & Learning Community is a highly selective housing opportunity in which you will take an active role engaging in life in Copenhagen through creative writing.

This community is ideal for you if you want to explore your passion for creative writing and develop your writing skills in a supportive community of writers. You can be interested in any number of different styles and applications of writing – be it poetry, short stories, novels, essays, drama, screen writing, or other creative written avenues! You will work intensively with your own writing throughout the semester, while also studying great literary works by other Danish and European writers, as well as attending and arranging readings, literary walking tours, field trips, literature festivals, etc., in Copenhagen.

Commitment and Community

Being in the Creative Writing LLC means committing yourself to weekly meetings, planning and attending creative writing workshops and literary events throughout the semester, and actively engaging with the broader Danish literary community. You will also reflect on your life in Copenhagen in your own writing.

You will be challenged to build a community that creates a shared identity and values within a study abroad context, one that challenges the way you see yourself and your identity.

Creative Writing LLC Learning Objectives

  • Explore your passion for creative writing and develop your own writing skills in a supportive community of other writers
  • Engage in dialogues about how the creative written word can impact society (and vice versa) in Danish and American contexts
  • Discover the creative scenes of Copenhagen within poetry, queer art, literary events, spoken word, and political songwriting
  • Gain an understanding of the local culture through meetings with activists, writers, and performers who work with different aspects of the written word
  • Reflect on your life in Copenhagen through writing exercises and group discussions

Examples of LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Meeting activists, writers, and performers working with the written word in different ways
  • Exploring the creative scene of Copenhagen (through poetry slams, queer theater, political music, literary events, and more)
  • Poetry and songwriting workshops
  • Literary salons

Meet the Creative Writing LLC Coordinator

Karina Willumsen

Karina is a professional writer and musician, working in the fields of political art, satire, and music. She explores the relation between art, culture, norm critique, and politics – with a clear focus on the written word. She is currently working with queer art, poetry, political music, and experimental theater. Karina has led creative writing workshops, songwriting workshops, and political art and activist workshops, and released an album in spring 2016. Karina has been with DIS since 2015.