Neurological Disorders and DiseasesSemester Course

Neurological Disorders and Diseases, Semester Course
Major Discipline(s)
Biomedicine / Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine / Health Science
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

From textbook to treatment, this course provides a translational approach to understanding the foundational neurobiological and clinical aspects of some of the most prevalent neurological disorders and diseases. Neurology concerning the cerebrovascular system (stroke), the functioning of the motoric system (Parkinson’s), and the degeneration of cognitive and behavioral functions (Alzheimer’s, dementia) are discussed in the classroom and illustrated in the clinical setting. The neurobiology of each of these disorders is explored from a biological and chemical perspective, complimented by a clinical understanding of symptomology and diagnosis. You learn the respective imaging methodology, physiology, brain anatomy, and research methods for each disease discussed, giving you a well-rounded understanding of each disorder.

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Song Guo

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

MD (University of Copenhagen, 2012), PhD  in Neurology, (2016). Research in migraine headaches. Danish Headache Center & Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen. With DIS since 2012.

Bettina Hornbøll Borch

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD (Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen, 2017), MSc. (Neurobiology, University of Copenhagen, 2006), BA (Biology, University of Copenhagen, 2004). Founder of CogniCation; cognitive communication. Has been conducting neuroscience research for approx. 10 years, investigating emotion processing in the brain using imaging. With DIS since 2012.