Ethics of TravelSemester Course

Ethics of Travel
Major Discipline(s)
Anthropology, Ethics, History
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

How do we travel in ways allowing us to better understand the places and the cultures we visit?

This course focuses on the intricate layers of spaces and cultures, monuments and people, encountered during traveling or studying abroad. Being aware of how and why we travel will allow us to encounter more sustainable ways of exploring the world beyond bucket lists, mass tourism, or even dark tourism. We will discuss how to meet people and places with curiosity and respect, open to the stories of others and with an awareness of our own biases and the the social and environmental footprints we leave behind.

Related Discipline(s)

This course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Sustainability


Mette Jungersen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

MA (Russian Language and Literature, University of Copenhagen, 2012). Teacher of Danish Language and Literature, Saint Petersburg University of Telecommunication, 2006. Assistant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of European Neighborhood and Russia, 2006-2009. With DIS since 2008.