Democracies at Risk in EuropeSemester Course

Major Discipline(s)
History, International Relations, Political Science
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Far right and far left parties have become an important part of political landscape in many European countries. It happened so in spite of hopes that in the post-Cold War Europe there would be no alternative to Western liberal democracy. Already in the 2000s, however, cracks appeared. While some countries experienced only minor shortcomings, in others the feeling of hopelessness, resentment and anger, fueled populist movements. The course seeks to examine and analyze the the causes, consequences, and potential policy responses to this phenomenon.

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Milosz Jeromin Cordes

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD (Cultural Studies, SWPS University, Warsaw 2017), MA (East-European Cultural Studies, University of Warsaw 2012), MA (International Relations, University of Warsaw & St. Petersburg State University, 2012), BA (History, University of Warsaw 2011), BA (International Relations, University of Warsaw 2010). Research Fellow at the Danish Foreign Policy Society (2021), Post-Doc Researcher at Lund University (2021). Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellow (2006). Vice-Consul at Poland's Consulate General in Kaliningrad (2018-2021), Second Secretary at Poland's Permanent Representation to the European Union (2016-2018), Second Secretary & Specialist at Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' (2012-2016). With DIS since 2021.