Computer Graphics: Programming Interactive 3D ApplicationsSemester Course

DIS Copenhagen, Computer Graphics,, Elective Course
Major Discipline(s)
Computer Science, Mathematics
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Using WebGL we can now create interactive 3D graphics that can run in almost any web browser including on mobile phones and tablets. This opens a whole new way of creating web applications that previously were limited to text and 2D graphics. This course provides a solid foundation in graphics programming. This is achieved by having you implement the major components of a traditional projective rendering pipeline using JavaScript and WebGL.


Benno Lüders

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

M.S (Game Technology, IT University of Copenhagen, 2016). Game enthusiast and Game Development all-rounder with focus on Game Programming. Assistant teacher at the royal academy of fine arts in Copenhagen (2015 - 2016). Tutor and teaching assistant at the IT University of Copenhagen (2015) and Hochschule Fulda (2011 - 2013). Backend Java developer at mobile game company Flaregames in Karlsruhe (2013 - 2014). With DIS since 2016.