Computational Analysis of Big DataSemester Course

Computational Analysis of Big Data, elective course at DIS Copenhagen
Major Discipline(s)
Computer Science, Information Science, Mathematics
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Walmart started using big data even before the term became recognized. Today, industries, governments, social media platforms, finance, and organizations alike use data and analytics to predict future needs to optimize sales, minimize cost, and maximize reach. With a hands-on approach and by working with problem-solving exercises that focus on practical implementations, this course introduces you to a large set of computational tools and techniques for dealing with large-scale data.

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Information Science


Daniel Svendsen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Valencia 2020. Research focused on the incorporation of physical knowledge in machine learning models. Data science consultant to various startups 2020 such as eeSea and Pensure. MSc in Mathematical modelling and computation from the Technical University of Denmark 2016. Teaching assistant in various courses 2015-2016.

Lucian Leahu

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University 2012. Assistant professor at ITU Copenhagen since 2015. ERCIM Postdoctoral Fellow at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (2012-2013) and Project Leader in the Media Technology and Interaction Design Department at the Royal Institute of Technology (2014). With DIS since 2019.