Entrepreneurship PracticumSemester Course

Major Discipline(s)
Business, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

In this course, you further apply the entrepreneurship tools and the understanding of the discipline of entrepreneurship in practice. You work individually or in teams in a consultative capacity with entrepreneurs from Danish start-ups to solve a current business challenge that the respective entrepreneurs are facing. Past practicum sites have included working with start-up communities in fashion and design, web and mobile applications, hardware and smart devices, services, payment and finance, meet-up organizations, and more.

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My Entrepreneurship Practicum gives us an opportunity to fail; you don’t think about it, but it takes dozens of failed ideas in brainstorming before you arrive at a solid basis. For our semester-long project of engaging with Danish start-up companies, I have been challenged to make connections in Copenhagen with contacts and potential customers, and have realized the necessity of staying motivated to really bring an idea to life. I love getting to collaborate with individuals in the organization and find inspiration from full-time entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and Europe.”

– Rachel, Bradley University

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Leadership Studies, Management


Kristian Bernt Knudsen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Masters (Finance/Management, University of Aarhus, Denmark). Financial Advisor at Maersk Broker Financial Services, where he is engaged in the start-up of a maritime private investment fund targeted for institutional and professional investors. Prior to this, he has progressed his career through 15+ years into accomplished executive leadership positions combined with financial and strategic advisor roles while working internationally in highly esteemed public and private equity companies in various industries. With DIS since 2016.