March 8, Archived Alert for Student Job Scam

March 8

Copenhagen Police issued a warning about a new scam that is mainly targeted at students seeking part-time work.

The scam involves collecting personal information such as Danish social security numbers (CPR number) and addresses collected through job applications. The job does not exist, but scammers can use the personal information to order items online using invoice payment, so there is no payment required upfront when placing the order. Victims of this fraud will often not realize that they have been exploited before reminders of lacking payment start coming in or when the missing payment(s) have been sent to a debt collector.

Although DIS students will most likely not be applying for jobs, it is important to be aware of ongoing scams, and only submit sensitive personal data online if absolutely necessary on official websites.

Read the full notice (in Danish) on the Copenhagen Police website.

Use Google Translate or a web browser translator to see the notice in English.