Integrated Climate Change PlanningSemester Course

Major Discipline(s)
Sustainability, Urban Design, Urban Studies
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

Current changes in our climate require an innovative response to the way we build our urban environments. Reframing the way urban evolution and nature is thought of, this course explores how the holistic integration of blue and green infrastructures, renewable energy, waste management, digital technology, and agriculture can provide healthier, more resilient, and smarter cities.

Included Travel Component

This course is developed through a series of mobile lectures, case studies, design workshops, and field studies, including a three-day study tour in Bordeaux, France. The close analysis of two complementary cities – Copenhagen confronted with cloudburst, Bordeaux threatened by excessive drought – offers a holistic approach to climate action. While in Bordeaux we will explore two of the main projects in the city – one bottom-up one top-down – and get immersed into the current debate with local actors on the challenges of building a resilient future. It is an open invitation to abandon comfortable academic distinctions, further a holistic dialogue, and stimulate the creation of concrete solutions for our cities.

This trip will come at no extra cost to you but is a mandatory part of the curriculum of this course. Travel will take place over three days during the period of your semester known as the ‘Study Break.’


Silvia Dragomir

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Architect and advocate of Cities for People, with an MSc in Sustainable Urban Planning from Aalborg University and MSc in Architecture from Bucharest and Bordeaux. Her professional profile includes a collaboration with KANT architects, owner of an architecture studio with focus on sustainability, climate change adaptation and mitigation. Her passion is sharing knowledge and creating better living environments. With DIS since 2015.