Meet DIS Student, Calvin

Calvin, Swarthmore College, studied abroad at DIS Stockholm. During his semester, he passed on advice for creating a unique study abroad experience.

Calvin’s letter is shared here:

At DIS, the motto is to live and learn through engaging with the locals as much as possible. With faculty who are leaders in your area of study and all of Europe as your extended classroom, there are countless opportunities to practice engaged scholarship, network, and appreciate the nuanced perspectives of peers and locals.

On Study Tours in both Sweden and the UK, my class visited several research labs. On one of the visits, we had the opportunity to discuss heparan sulfate and how it revolutionized the surgical field with the renowned proteoglycan expert Ulf Lindahl. This cross-cultural approach to learning honed my interest in clinical research and deepened my understanding of healthcare and how research and policies shape the health of citizens differently across nations.

Stockholm presents a world of opportunities for you to personalize your own experience abroad.”

Stockholm is a thriving city and presents a world of opportunities for you to personalize your own experience abroad. As a foodie, I made it my mission to explore traditional and modern Scandinavian staples and found it enriched my cultural experience. Sports have also allowed me to become a part of the Swedish way of life, from exploring my neighborhood on jogs to joining a local ping pong club. For me, trading ping-pong strategies for Swedish fun facts with the coach’s son Alwin, blossomed into a lasting friendship, and eventually led me to the Swedish National Championship in Eskilstuna!

Now, at the end of my semester, I have learned more about what excites me and built relationships with my fellow students, locals, and faculty over shared goals that I will cherish long after my time here in Stockholm.

I hope you will take advantage of this enriching experience abroad and make Stockholm your new home for a semester!

Calvin walks you through his semester in Stockholm: