Meet the Locals

Take your cultural learning beyond the classroom. Get involved, exchange cultural perspectives, form friendships, speak some Swedish, and end the semester calling Sweden a second home.

Build Your Network Abroad

Involve yourself in the cultural opportunities offered to you while studying at DIS Stockholm. Pursue a passion and join a local club or sports team with Stockholmers, spend time with a Visiting Host, and attend evening seminars at DIS where you have the opportunity to network with local experts. Your connections could even open up possibilities for an international career after graduation!

Stockholmers are open to sharing their culture with you, and also want to learn about yours! During your study abroad semester, challenge yourself to break out of your comfort zone and be curious. We offer opportunities to introduce you to the locals – and the rest is up to you!


Take a Swedish Language and Culture Course

In addition to the activities you join outside of class, consider taking a Swedish Language and Culture Course at DIS. Learn key phrases useful for your everyday life in Stockholm and gain a further understanding of Swedish culture and traditions. 80% of DIS students take this course and recommend it as one of their favorite electives!

Read about Swedish Language and Culture at DIS here