Get Involved at DIS Stockholm

Engage with Fellow Students

As a current student at DIS Stockholm, there are many opportunities to interact with fellow students, staff, and faculty outside of your classes. Attending these events give you the chance to make new friends, broaden your horizons, and develop leadership and interpersonal skills.

Network and Gain Perspectives

Each semester, students from across North America study at DIS. Getting involved and joining communities while abroad is a way to network, gain perspectives, and make connections with fellow classmates with various backgrounds, passions, and interests.

Events at DIS Stockholm

New in Town Meetups

Gain insight into unique spots in Stockholm where you can meet new people throughout your time abroad! New in Town meetups provide an opportunity to experience the city while socializing as the locals do. The meetups take place throughout the first six weeks of your time abroad, making it easy for you to find places in the city you can return to, with new DIS friends.

Diverse Identities Social Club

Along with fellow classmates, create an open and safe space where you can explore your personal experiences with diversity, identity, and intercultural interactions while studying abroad. No need to sign up, and feel free to bring a friend!

Queer & Allies Club

A social meet up space for queer people and allies. All LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and faculty are welcome. There’s no need to sign up, so please join us for fika!

Academic Seminar Nights

Offered to all students, each semester DIS organizes seminar nights that focus on a specific burning issue or topic, usually inviting in a local expert to spark a good discussion among the group.

Running Club

Join faculty member Simone Schwank on runs taking you through parts of Stockholm. Join for the whole run or part of the route. Running Club is purely for fun, and is not competitive! Be prepared to run and chat.


Join fellow DIS students for yoga. Led by yoga instructor Elin Thorsell, these sessions are for everyone, from beginner to advanced, giving you a moment to slow down and reflect on your week. No sign up is necessary and mats are provided.

Create Space

Did you know that small moments of creativity in everyday life increase our overall sense of well-being? Take a break from academics with Create Space Workshops with Tetiana. From decorating Swedish Dala horses to Christmas ornament making, the arts and crafts sessions provide an opportunity to relax and make friends. Join these friendly, informal, and free workshops where all are welcome.

Outside of these sessions, visit our creative corner. Located on the 5th floor in the DIS building, the creative corner is a place to de-stress in between classes with board games and knitting needles, drawing books, puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes, beads, and more.