January 13, Archived Alert Related to COVID-19 (Updated COVID-19 Guidelines)

January 13

Based on the most recent recommendations by Swedish authorities, DIS will follow the guidelines below.

At DIS Stockholm

  • Classes will take place in-person
  • Avoid crowding
  • Wear a mask if you prefer, and when crowding cannot be avoided
  • Wash/sanitize your hands often
  • Stay at home and join class remotely if you feel unwell
  • Book a COVID-19 PCR test if you experience COVID-19 symptoms. Refer to the DIS COVID-19 Protocol Flowchart to see how to book a test
  • Contact the DIS Health and Safety Emergency Phone at +46 721 412 862 immediately if you test positive

General Guidelines by Swedish Authorities

  • Stay home and avoid close contact with others if you have any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Get a PCR test if you experience symptoms for more than 24 hours
  • Keep distance from others and avoid crowded spaces overall
  • Limit the number of close contacts you have (avoid large dinner parties and social gatherings)
  • Only use public transportation when necessary and try to avoid rush hours. Wear a mask when commuting and when you are unable to social distance
  • When travelling outside Sweden, get tested for COVID-19 immediately after returning to Sweden
  • Restaurants and bars close at 11:00 PM. All customers must be seated, and groups cannot be larger than 8 people
  • Public events may only admit guests with COVID-19 certifications (Covidpass), which is currently only available to EU citizens (DIS will keep you updated should this change)
  • Culture and leisure (such as gyms, swimming pools, museums and art galleries) remain open, but will have COVID-19 mitigation measures in place. DIS recommends you contact the location directly before attending, to confirm what measures they have in place and if a Covidpass is required