Interpret the role of the Other in European literature. This program invites you to join contemporary discussions on issues of identity, marginalization, and the idea of the foreigner, and their thematic and ideological implications for narrative.

Program Highlights

  • Meet with European contemporary authors and scholars, and build the analytical framework to articulate your own critical voice
  • Develop skills necessary to analyze and deconstruct the underlying assumptions in works of literature, and consider the historic and social contexts in which texts were written
  • Travel with your classmates and DIS faculty on course-integrated study tours to explore British literature from a post-colonial perspective

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study literature, English, or related disciplines, or share a passion for Nordic and European literature.

Reading literature creates a sensitivity toward the world and forms imaginative and critical insights into human life and experience. Questioning the representation of the Other in Swedish literature will open discussions of privilege, power, and hegemony.”
– Jakob Lorentzen
DIS Program Director

Core Courses