Visiting Host Program

Share your own culture, and get to know traditions, viewpoints, and values of Stockholmers. 

Experience Life with Stockholmers

If you are not living in a Homestay, sign up to be matched with a Visiting Host! Be a part of a unique intercultural exchange, where you take the initiative and meet up with a local host throughout the semester.

Who are DIS Visiting Hosts?

DIS Visiting Hosts sign up to participate in the program mainly because they have an interest in learning about another culture and want to share their own. Visiting Hosts may or may not have children, and can be a single parent, a retired couple, a LGBTQ+ couple, or an individual with a tight-knit extended family.

How to Ensure a Great Match

We try to match you with a host that shares similar interests and want to engage in plans as often as you both indicated. Be honest in your application regarding these aspects, so we can match you as best we can.

Spending Time with Your Visiting Hosts

During your semester, you can:

  • Engage in activities and day trips in Stockholm and the suburbs
  • Discuss cultural differences and ask questions
  • Meet extended family and participate in celebrations and events
  • Share cultural foods by cooking a meal together
  • Take part in various family routines
  • Visit the place of work of your host
  • Visit where you live in Sweden

What to Expect by Joining the Visiting Host Program

  • Communication is key! Once DIS has made the match and facilitated the contact,  it is your responsibility to make the first contact. From there, it is up to both parties to initiate meeting up
  • You have an active role in an intercultural exchange. Not only will they share their side of the world with you, but you will share yours, too!
  • Some hosts ask to be matched with two students, so the Visiting Host Program could also present a chance to get to know another DIS student
  • Time spent with your Visiting Host and their family can include sitting down to a meal together, as this is a strong tradition of Swedish culture. It can be difficult to accommodate students who have dietary restrictions, so you should not expect to be matched according to this. However, we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to reveal a part of who you are, and offering to help cook and share recipes!

Who Can Sign Up for the Visiting Host Program

All students that do not live in a Homestay are encouraged to sign up. If DIS is unable to find a Visiting Host for you, you will be placed on a waitlist. Additionally, DIS requires that all students who sign up for this Program are able to commit to seeing their Visiting Host at least once a month.

Finding Out Who Your Visiting Host Is

We strive to inform you who your Visiting Host is before your arrival to Stockholm.

Transporting to Your Visiting Host’s Home

From your home in Stockholm to your Visiting Host’s home, you can expect to commute from around 30 minutes to an hour. DIS will give you a transportation stipend to help cover the cost.