Creative Exploration Living & Learning Community

The Creative Exploration Living & Learning Community (LLC) is a  housing opportunity in which you take an active role in engaging yourself in life in Stockholm through the lens of the creative arts.

This is your ideal LLC if you are interested in exploring Stockholm & Sweden through a creative lens, while documenting your own study abroad adventure though various artistic mediums. Explore a broad range of cultural offerings beyond the ‘traditional’ art scene, while building community in and outside the LLC.

You do not need to have previous experience working with artistic mediums (be it film, photography, blogging, creative writing, performance art, etc.) to be considered for this housing option. All you need is a curiosity and passion for reflecting on the study abroad experience with a creative lens!

Commitment and Community

Being in the Creative Exploration LLC means committing yourself to weekly meetings, planning and attending theme-related events throughout the semester, and actively engaging with the broader creative communities around Stockholm.

You will be challenged to build a community that creates a shared identity and values within a study abroad context, one that challenges the way you see your own identity.

Learning Objectives for the Arts Community

  • Achieve an overall ability to reflect upon how engaging creatively with your surroundings can positively affect your outlook on an experience
  • Examine aspects of urban life and gain insight into how citizens can actively use public space and thereby create quality of life and culture in the city
  • Comparatively reflect and analyze the differences in artistic and cultural approaches between Sweden and the U.S.
  • Document your own study abroad adventure, using various mediums of creative expression

Examples of LLC Activities (varies each semester)

  • Take a guided tour of Stockholm’s small, niche art galleries
  • Attend avant-garde film screenings
  • Network with Swedish locals plugged into the Stockholm art community
  • Cook meals together
  • Go to concerts and performances at underground venues and create collaborative art projects inspired by these scenes
  • Display student produced creative pieces for other DIS students and the larger community in Stockholm