The Folkhögskola is a unique living and learning tradition, dating back 150 years, which encapsulates the vibrant heritage of Scandinavian education.

Imagine living on the quiet campus of a small liberal arts college with 50-70 local and international students ages 20-30. You spend your days in class at DIS, and your nights and weekends at the Folkhögskola, studying alongside fellow residents or exploring the surrounding nature.

Folkhögskola Highlights

  • An independent housing option where you take charge of your own schedule, meals, and social life
  • Live like a local among Swedish and international students
  • Unique and picturesque location in forested, serene nature surrounded by water

Student Profile

This housing option is right for you if you are willing to:

  • Be self-sufficient and independent
  • Be proactive in getting involved in Folkhögskola student activities
  • Live in the idyllic outskirts of Stockholm where you have access to beautiful nature
  • Commute from home to DIS using the many choices of public transportation available – you can use this time to do homework, take a nap, or just listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the view. Read about Stockholm’s public transportation system here
  • Do your own grocery shopping and cook for yourself
  • Share a kitchenette and bathroom with a DIS roommate
  • Share cleaning responsibilities for the kitchen area and bathroom
  • Live in a single bedroom

Bosön Folkhögskola

  • The Folkhögskola is located on the beautiful forested island of Bosön
  • Hosts students who are training for a career in sports and the school is run by the national sports association of Sweden; therefore, you have access to on-site training facilities such as outdoor fields, indoor swimming pool, gym, and track space
  • Located right on the water with nearby forests
  • Stay in an apartment with your own bedroom and a shared bathroom/kitchenette with one other DIS student
  • Cook and eat in a kitchen that you share with your roommate (great if you want to be independent)

Visit the Bosön Folkhögskola website here

Application Information

You preference your housing choices during the registration process.

If you are placed in a Folkhögskola, DIS finds the best fit for you by using your housing application essay, potential housing comments, and other information you have listed in Student Registration.

Read more about the DIS Housing Placement Process