Swedish Language and Culture: Level I-IISemester Course

Swedish Language and Culture: Level I-II
Major Discipline(s)
Anthropology, Language
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This intensive course covers two semesters of Swedish language content in one, making it an excellent option for students who wish to advance quickly in their knowledge of the language. The emphasis is on speaking, writing, and understanding basic Swedish language. Swedish literature, film, and music are included in the curriculum. Politics, burning cultural issues, and your personal experiences form the cornerstone of class discussions.


Djina Wilk

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

M.A. in Germanic Languages and Literature, Washington University of St. Louis, graduation year 2007. Also Swedish official teaching qualification (subject: languages) from Stockholm University and Stockholm Lärarhögskola, graduation year 2009. Current self-employed at Bee Swedish, a private language business,  since February 2016. Former Education Manager and also teacher in English at Komvux, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm. Also member of the board at Folkuniversitetet Stockholm. Has been teaching Swedish as a foreign language since 2004, for example at Internationella Skolorna Düsseldorf, Germany and also Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm. With DIS since 2016.