Swedish Language and Culture Through Music, Rhythm, and SongSemester Course

Major Discipline(s)
Anthropology, Language, Music
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course is an integrated language and culture course with a major focus on learning Swedish through music, rhythm, and song. Music has proven highly beneficial to second-language acquisition, as pronunciation and vocabulary are learned in playful ways through repetition and engagement. At the same time, lyrics and rhymes are rich sources of information about cultural values, beliefs, customs, social relations, national narratives, and cultural differences.

This course is based on a high degree of experiential learning through use of musical elements and the city as our classroom. We will approach Swedish culture from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

When studying the Swedish language, we will employ a communicative, functional approach, so you will be able to use the language actively on a basic level, thereby giving you a valuable basis for intercultural encounters during the study abroad experience. Through rhythm and song, the course will focus on everyday Swedish, reading comprehension, and basic grammar. The course will explore how culture is reflected in language through lyrics and other sources. By analyzing keywords and concepts and applying appropriate etiquette, you will learn how to better navigate a foreign culture. An important component of the course is your own observations of Swedish society as well as critical analysis of the presented materials.