Economic Competitiveness in a Changing Global Economy: Swedish IndustriesSemester Course

Navigating Economic Turbulence
Major Discipline(s)
Business, Economics, Political Science
New Course Note
This course starts in Spring 2024.
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

In the past few years, the turbulence that the global economy has experienced has led to increasing uncertainties and changes, challenging growth expectations worldwide and highlighting the need for understanding economic strategies and competitiveness. As we reflect on what makes Sweden maintain its competitiveness in the global economy, we turn to the industries that play a key role in the economic growth and stability of the country.

While macroeconomic policies and stable political institutions create conditions that can facilitate success, in this course we take a microeconomic approach and dive into how firms build and maintain a competitive edge in a changing world.

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Fairouz Hussien

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

PhD student in Business Administration, Dept. of Marketing & Strategy, Stockholm School of Economics, and 2021 recipient of Outstanding Pedagogical Achievement Award. Her research is on regulatory disruptions as market-shaping forces, often situated in the context of the airline industry. Co-founder of the Methods Lab at SSE.  M.Sc. in Management & Organization (track: Strategy & Sustainability), Hanken School of Economics, and recipient of a Best Master’s Thesis Award by the Foundation for Economic Education for my thesis “A multiple case study on employee engagement and retention at startup companies”. B.Sc. in International Business (track: Marketing & Corporate Communication) from Haaga-Helia UAS. With DIS since 2022.