Why Stockholm?

Study alongside the urbanites of Stockholm, who balance life in a vibrant metropolis with the city’s beautiful and serene surroundings.

Sweden’s Bustling Capital

Famous for its progressive stance on equality and human rights, Stockholm offers you the perfect balance of history and modern living in serene surroundings.

If you choose Stockholm as your home, your classroom will be in a state-of-the-art modern glass building right in the city center. From here, you can easily explore the strikingly beautiful capital that’s brimming with lively culture, ahead-of-its-time design, and friendly people.

Freedom to Roam

Enjoy the Swedish democratic concept that nature belongs to everyone, allemansrätten. This unique right allows you to roam freely in the countryside. Explore Stockholm’s archipelago with 30,000 islands, go cross-country skiing, or pick berries and mushrooms like the locals.

History is Everywhere

Stockholm’s city center dates back to the 13th century and historical landmarks are scattered throughout the city – going back as far as to the Viking Age.

A Progressive Capital

As home to the Nobel Prize, Stockholm is led by forwardlooking decision makers, artists, innovators, and scholars. Experience life alongside the urbanites of this vibrant metropolis bustling with activity and ingenuity.

Built on the Water

Stockholm is the only capital in the world situated both at the sea and on a lake, and the city is made up of one-third water, one-third greenery, and one-third urban areas.

Explore Effortlessly

Comprised of 14 islands and a transit system that travels across waterways, Stockholm is well connected. 90 of the city’s 100 metro stations are decorated with paintings, sculptures, and mosaic.

Join in the Celebration

Swedes love to celebrate traditional festivities, including throwing colorful crayfish parties in the fall, celebrating the mythical Saint Lucia in the winter, and awarding two traditional Swedish pastries with their own secular holidays.

What Makes Stockholm a Great Place to Study Abroad?

  • Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the hub for industry, fashion, politics, and research
  • The Swedes are among the top three best non-native English speakers
  • Stockholm’s natural environment offers an archipelago to explore 30,000 islands, stretching from the city to the Baltic sea
  • Commuting in Stockholm is fast, efficient, and scenic
  • Sweden is one of the largest exporters of music in the world, with decades of incredible success from songwriters and producers

DIS is located in one of the nicest neighborhoods of Stockholm, so there are plenty of cafés to fika. Enjoying fika has allowed me to get to know fellow students, who all share my eagerness to learn from our new city and call it home.”

-Callie, Bates College