Finland-SwedenSummer Study Tour

The week-long study tour to Sweden and Finland forms an integral part of the studio curriculum by exposing you to high-quality historic and modern architecture, as well as urbanism in Scandinavia. You will see city spaces and significant buildings in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Turku, as well as architectural patterns of inhabitation in the more natural settings of central Finland. The themes of memory and identity will be focused on as a framework within which the designs and sites can be understood. Particular emphasis is given to innovations in spatial organization, constructive and material expression, and the treatment of daylight in public buildings, museums, libraries, and funerary chapels.

To add to your understanding of the cultural identity of Northern Europe, you will have the opportunity to explore nature, visit museum exhibitions, see the major sites, and taste local cuisine. The sites visited, as sensory architectural experiences, provide opportunity to develop your critical observation skills and diagrammatic and representational proficiency. Simultaneously, you will be equipped with a vocabulary of design concepts, strategies, and materials, which can be applied in your own creative work in studio and beyond.

Tour Objectives

  • Study contemporary and historic Scandinavian architecture and landscape architecture
  • Understand how design shapes human experience through the manipulation of light, material, spatial proportion and sequence, and integration of landscape and architecture
  • Develop sketching and note-taking skills for recording impressions of sites in a journal

Possible Activities

  • Visiting religious architecture: Skt. Petri Chapel at Klippan, the Woodland Cemetery near Stockholm, Chapels of the Holy Cross and Resurrection in Turku, and Myyrmäki in Helsinki
  • Touring works by Alvar Aalto including Jyväskylää University, Saynätsalo, Muuratsalo, Paimio Sanatorium, the Academic Bookstore, Finlandia Hall, the Aalto Studio and Home in Helsinki
  • Exploring different patterns of urban development in Stockholm and Helsinki