Architecture Design StudioSummer Course

Architecture Design Studio, Summer Course
Summer Study Tour
Finland-Sweden or Norway-Sweden
Corequisite Course(s)
Major Discipline(s)
Architecture, Design
Location: Copenhagen
Architecture & Design Session

In this studio you engage in an exploration of Danish and Scandinavian design practice through challenging assignments addressing real sites and issues in and around Copenhagen. Studio groups combine students of different levels and backgrounds. This course is taught vertically, and expectations relate to you as an individual student.



Mia Behrens

DIS Summer Faculty

Masters in Architecture and Landscape (Special focus; UN sustainable development goals) from The Royal Danish Academy of Art - School of Architecture (2017-2020), Bachelors degree in Architecture (Complexity Handling in Practice) From The Royal Danish Academy of Art - School of Architecture (2013-2016). Own architectural practice since 2020 — Working with the tension between landscape and building. Project lead and Architects at IKEAs Innovation lab SPACE10 (2017-2018). Professional experience also includes research, lecturing and consultancy. With DIS since 2021

Sine Lindholm

DIS Summer Faculty

Architect MAA (Aarhus School of Architecture, 2014). Own practice since 2014 working with a phenomenological focus and experimental approach in architectural assignments, competitions, and artistic work from stay at artist residencies. Former employed at SLETH, AVPD, BriqGroup. With DIS since 2016.