Urban Design StudioSummer Course

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Finland-Sweden or Norway-Sweden
Major Discipline(s)
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
Location: Copenhagen
Architecture & Design Session

Using Copenhagen as a laboratory, you solve realistic problems using analytical and design methods specifically devised for urban design and landscape issues. Some sections focus on issues of human scale, temporary use, and sustainable design. Studio groups combine students of different levels and backgrounds. This course is taught vertically, and expectations relate to you as an individual student.


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Michela Nota

DIS Summer Faculty

M.S.c Landscape Architect, Genova University (2013). Consultant, Landscape Architecture studios in Italy. Created an organization based on redevelopment of abandoned landscape and environmental education (META). Intern at Jac Studios, consultant at the urban design firm CITITEK. Now she is co-founder of COurban design collective. With an interest in co-creation, data collection and data analysis Michela is committed to applying human scale approaches to the physical design of urban spaces. With DIS since 2016.