Urban Design StudioSummer Course

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Finland-Sweden or Norway-Sweden
Corequisite Course(s)
Major Discipline(s)
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
Location: Copenhagen
Architecture & Design Session

Using Copenhagen as a laboratory, you solve realistic problems using analytical and design methods specifically devised for urban design and landscape issues. Some sections focus on issues of human scale, temporary use, and sustainable design. Studio groups combine students of different levels and background. This course is taught vertically, and expectations relate to you as an individual student.

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Joshua Morrison

DIS Summer Faculty

MCP City Design and Development (Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, ongoing). B.A., Environmental Design (Brown University, 2009). He has worked at Gehl Architects, the Taubman College of Urban Planning, and is currently managing director and urban designer at Fundament Design. He has designed public spaces and advised on urban quality in South Africa, Scandinavia, China, and Australia. His work has been published by the World Bank, the Energy Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. With DIS since 2016.