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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is behind your smart phone’s intelligent personal assistant, driverless cars, robots, government fraud detection systems, and image recognition algorithms. This course introduces students to core techniques and applications of AI using primarily symbolic…

Four students playing a board game during study tour.

Under the Influence: Alcohol, Drugs, and Young Adulthood

While young Danes continue to be the heaviest drinkers in Europe, high levels of drinking and problematic drug use amongst teens and young adults present a significant global health burden. In this course, you will assess…

Fleeing Across Borders: International Refugee Law

Global North states have all undertaken to provide asylum and related human rights protections to people forcibly displaced from their homes in the Global South, however these legal obligations are normally only triggered when people seeking…

Food, Migration, and Belonging

How can food and food practices influence our sense of belonging – or of exclusion?  In this course focused on student’s own research, we explore ways in which food contributes to the building of communities and…

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Applied Psychotherapy

How does one apply theoretical knowledge to real-life therapeutic contexts? This course introduces diverse theoretical approaches to psychotherapy. This course requires active participation in and observation of group-based and individual exercises focusing on psychotherapy skills.

Applied Psychotherapy

Developmental Disorders

This course explores maladaptive behaviors, cognitions, and emotions in child development using the biopsychosocial model. This model addresses the multilayered and hierarchical contexts of the child’s life by considering multiple perspectives as regards the genetic, psychological,…

Developmental Disorders