LisbonSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)

For the Study Tour, the classroom moves to Lisbon, Portugal, where we study various modern and historical leaders and entrepreneurs in search of the key to leadership and strategic planning.

Established in approximately 1200 BC, Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest cities. While Lisbon is historically a trading center, the recent recovery of the Portuguese economy has attracted attention and investment from some of the world’s largest companies. Lisbon is the home of technology hubs for acclaimed modern corporations such as Google, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen. The city boasts panoramic views, spectacular architecture, a seaside location and much more.

During our tour, we research and visit some of these magnificent modern organizations and discuss what makes them successful, as well as just how important the environment and institutions are in fostering leadership and strategic planning.

Tour Objectives

  • Study modern and historical leaders and entrepreneurs in Lisbon in search of the keys to leadership and strategic planning
  • Learn about methods and strategies of modern corporations based in Lisbon
  • Explore the importance of environment and institutions in terms of fostering leadership and strategic planning

Possible Activities

  • Explore the legacy of colonial leadership in the city
  • Meet with individuals involved in strategic planning at various corporations
  • Visit the Portuguese National Bank