LisbonSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)

This course deepens as we travel to southern Europe for completely new encounters with music. Lisbon is home to a lively, overflowing scene, with festivals and concerts on every corner. We experience an abundance of musical genres such as southern European flavors of jazz and the deeply captivating Fado, Portugal’s unique and world-famous folk music. We integrate musical performance with our experience of the culture, history, and breathtaking nature of Lisbon, Portugal’s city of light.

Tour Objectives

  • Learn from some of the best musicians and songwriters in Portugal through masterclasses, workshops, and concerts
  • Receive inspiration for your own music through the unique musical traditions of Portugal, in masterclass and in concert
  • Develop songwriting skills through situational writing exercises in some of the most inspiring landscapes of the world

Possible Activities

  • Participate in master classes and workshops at Lisbon’s world-class music institutions
  • Meet Fado singers and musicians and learn all about the history, the instruments, and how to play and sing Fado music
  • Write your own music along the breathtaking Portuguese Riviera, while taking in historical palaces, romantic architecture, and beautiful national parks and gardens
  • Join ongoing festivals and concerts of Lisbon