GermanySummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Renewable Energy Systems

We will take the classroom on the road to examine the German perspective on the relationship between culture and energy.

In regards to renewable energies, Germany is a leading nation for research in the development of systems and technology. The program is designed to give a greater understanding of renewable energy from a European context. Visiting research centers, companies, and NGOs, we will engage directly with stakeholders across multiple different levels of the industry. By cultivating these diverse perspectives from academics, activists and the actual providers of renewable energy, we will develop a thorough understanding of the intersecting problems they each face, and the opportunities they have to support each other.

To supplement our academic experience in Germany, we will also engage culturally and socially with Northern Germany to add context and a deeper understanding to our academic exercises.

Tour Objectives

  • Examine the technical, economic, and political aspects of renewable energy
  • Analyze the complexities of renewable energy systems, including their availability and implementation
  • Learn about the successes and failures of implementing alternative energies at the local, national, and regional levels

Possible Activities

  • Excursions to different local German renewable energy initiatives, including climbing a wind turbine and examining a solar array
  • Discuss the innovative technologies of photovoltaics and see pioneering ressearch and testing facilities at Aldershof
  • Visit to UfaFabrik to discuss how local communities can implement renewable energy technologies on a small scale