Discipline: History

Photography in Europe: Technology, Culture, Art

This course investigates the impact of photography on culture, art, and society from the first photo in Europe around 1840 and up until today. We explore the role of photography beyond mainstream cultural accounts, integrating a…

History of Photography in Europe, Technology, Culture, and Art

Postcolonial Europe: Narratives, Nationalism, and Race

This course examines European colonial narratives and how they continue to inform current discourses of immigration, culture, and race in Europe. A comparative approach in this course allows for a deconstruction of national narratives of exceptionalism,…

Postcolonial Europe

European Genocides

The Nazis went through a series of steps in their attempt to eliminate the European Jews, moving from mass shootings to the increasingly sophisticated application of gassing. Tracing this development, we study perpetrator profiles, victim strategies,…

European Genocides, Summer course at DIS Copenhagen