European GenocidesSummer Course

European Genocides, Summer course at DIS Copenhagen
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Major Discipline(s)
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, History, Human Rights
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

The Nazis went through a series of steps in their attempt to eliminate the European Jews, moving from mass shootings to the increasingly sophisticated application of gassing. Tracing this development, we study perpetrator profiles, victim strategies, and the role of bystanders. Looking at political and social aspects of the aftermath of the Holocaust, we focus on the role of the former killing sites in today’s Poland, as well as the international community. We discuss former concentration camps as both museums and memorials.


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Anthropology, Sociology


Torben Jørgensen

DIS Summer Faculty

Cand.mag. (M.A. in History, University of Copenhagen, 2003). With the Danish Jewish Museum, 2007-2008. Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies, Department for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 2003-2005. Researcher, Danish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Research, 2000-2003. With DIS since 2008.