Food and IdentitySummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
History, Sociology, Food Studies
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

Food has always been closely linked to identity, but in the past two decades, it has also become the focus of a host of issues—everything from the industrialization of farming to the integration of immigrants—that reflect cultural, social, and even political values. In this course, we look at the nexus between what you eat and who you are by focusing on Danish food culture, looking both to culinary traditions and to the gastronomic innovation that has turned its chefs into celebrities and its restaurants into the object of international pilgrimage. We also focus on other aspects of food culture, such as the role of industrial agriculture and the rise of alternatives; and the impact of immigration on cuisine.

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Christian Martinez

DIS Summer Faculty

Cand.mag., Antropology and Spanish, University of Copenhagen. Editor and Journalist, Politikens Forlag, Euroman, and more. With DIS since 2022.