Sports Medicine: Performance and FatigueSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Biomedicine / Biotechnology, Pre-Medicine / Health Science
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

The course covers a general introduction to anatomy, kinesiology, and the biomechanics of human movement. You are introduced to analyses of movement in regard to dysfunctions that increase risk of injury. The effects of fatigue are discussed and you are introduced to training schemes that decrease injury risk. Throughout the course you apply your knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy in case studies to determine the most efficient and effective treatments and recoveries in different scenarios. You are exposed to such skills as immediate decision-making, consultation, injury evaluation, and communication.


Martin Prassé

DIS Summer Faculty

M.Sc. Exercise & Fitness (University of Southern Denmark 2009), Physiotherapy (2005), Strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist for DAFF (Danish American Football Federation), DBU (Danish Soccer Association) and DCF (Danish Cricket Federation). With DIS since 2015.