Psychology of Criminal BehaviorSummer Course

DIS Copenhagen, Psychology of Criminal Behavior
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Criminology / Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

Why do people offend? Can we predict who the victims will be? This course applies psychological/criminological theory and research methods to the understanding of criminality, and its consequences, assessment, treatment, and prevention. Mental disorders and their implications are explored through analysis of criminal cases within a Scandinavian context.

Key topics include: social norms, social control, and violence. Focus is on the socio-biological interactions related to criminal behavior and the criminal mind.

One of the most fascinating applications of psychology is examining and working with criminal behavior, for e.g., from gang violence on the streets to high profile embezzlement. Traditional classroom teaching will be supplemented with guest speakers from the field of forensics and will include visits to relevant institutions. The goal of this course is to provide a better understanding of the criminal mind and to recognize criminal psychology as a distinct specialization within the field of psychology.

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Christina Bilstrup

DIS Summer Faculty

For many years, Christina has worked for the Danish Police and the Attorney General. In addition, she is associated with institutions for juvenile detainees, where she performs screening of the young people in terms of determining and evaluating their cognitive level and potential psychiatric disorders. With DIS since 2019.

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