European BiodiversitySummer Course

European Biodiversity, Summer Course
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Environmental Science, Sustainability
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

European biodiversity is characterized by great variation in habitats that is dynamic and constantly evolving in response to changes. Such changes happen gradually on a long time scale but with the impact of humans, changes can occur much more rapidly. Today, Europe has highly fragmented biodiversity with a high rate of species loss.

This course focuses on the diversity of European habitats; from the glaciers in the Pyrenees to the lush broad-leaved forests in the lowlands – from freezing Arctic waters to subtropical Mediterranean seas. We conduct case studies on ecosystems in Denmark and Andorra and learn skills within species identification, ecosystem characterization, biodiversity loss, and conservation.

This course includes a course-integrated Study Tour within Denmark! Read more about Study Tours.


Mette Sinding Francke

DIS Summer Faculty

M.Sc. (Arctic Botany, primary colonization and climate change), University of Southern Denmark/ University of Copenhagen, 2017. Has worked with education and public engagement in the Natural History Museum of Denmark since 2009. Her interests are botany, climate change and science education in general. Has done field work in Denmark, Disco, West Greenland and Cambodia. With DIS since 2019.