Digital Media in MarketingSummer Course

Digital Media in Marketing
Major Discipline(s)
Communication, Media Studies, Marketing
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

This course explores the impact technology has had on the marketing industry, particularly with the advent of the internet. Technological advances have made the latest tools in media production, online media, and social media available to even the smallest businesses and private consumers. This course incorporates the latest advertising techniques. You have the opportunity to work on a business case and learn techniques in producing content such as videos, articles, and email campaigns.

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Business, Management


Benjamin Holk Henriksen

DIS Summer Faculty

Master of Law (University of Copenhagen). M.B.A. (California State University). Certificate in Directing (University of California, Los Angeles). Co-owner of Holk & Lassenius, and together with Fredrik Lassenius, authored and produced the international leadership and marketing research project, ”The Mind of a Leader,” published as books and film series, including Philip Kotler, Anita Roddick, Philippe Starck, Michael Dukakis, and many more. With DIS since 2013.