Climate Change of Arctic Ecosystems LabSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Environmental Science
Location: Copenhagen
Labs, Research, & Practicums Session

This lab-based course offers a unique opportunity to witness climate change firsthand in the Arctic, while getting hands-on experience with field and lab methods used in climate science. The course includes a two-week field trip to Greenland where we visit the Greenland Ice Sheet, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, and the researchers at the Arctic Station on Disko Island. We will conduct field work in various biota (freshwater, marine, terrestrial, glacial) and bring home samples for subsequent analysis in the lab. Our fieldwork in Greenland is followed by projects in the Copenhagen lab, where student groups study climate change effects on different Arctic ecosystems.

Related Discipline(s)

This summer course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Environmental Studies, Sustainability


Trine Perlt

DIS Summer Faculty

M.Sc. in Biology, University of Copenhagen. Employed at Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen since 2003. Secretary at Polar Science Centre UCPH (2010-2013). Research and teaching interests include Arctic ecosystems (in particular freshwater ecosystems), phytoplankton, and ice algae. Has over the years worked on several large international research projects and monitoring programs concerning climate change in the Arctic (most recently CBMP-freshwater, ARCTIC-BIODIVER, and Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring). With DIS since 2021.

ESA - Trine Warming Perlt