Children with Special NeedsSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
Child Development, Education / Educational Studies, Psychology
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

This class challenges your ideas about ‘special needs.’ You are situated within the concept of Nordic pedagogy in order to examine the topics of inclusion and quality of life within the Danish social welfare system. For example: How does the school or the child contribute to educational challenges? With your class, you will discuss, research, and try hands-on specialized pedagogical approaches and training methods. From a Nordic perspective, the concept of ‘special needs’ is examined through issues of inclusion, quality of life, and outside relationships. While this course does focus on ‘special needs’ in a broad sense, it does not look at various diagnoses, or educational/psychological techniques employed for specific disorders.


Eeva Laine Jakobsen

DIS Summer Faculty

MA in Educational Psychology ( Aarhus University, Department of Education, 2014). BA in Social Services with creative activities (Laurea Polytechnic, Department of Social Education, Vantaa, Finland, 2005). Student at Slagelse Pædagogseminariet (Spring and fall 2003). Social Educator(pædagog) in Youth Club Marievang (2005-2010). Social Educator in Social Resource Center Slagelse. Working with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and counseling families (2005-present). With DIS since 2015.