Active Citizenship for Social ChangeSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
Education / Educational Studies, Political Science, Sociology
Location: Copenhagen
Session 1

Democracy depends on citizens to actively engage in society. In this course, we discuss social change and cohesion, civic responsibility, and the importance of active citizenship. How can we engage responsibly with others? How can we work towards building communities governed by fairness and mutual respect? How do we achieve inclusion and equality for those excluded from majority discourses and communities? We will explore these questions through active engagement with local students, activists, and communities.

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Mette Jungersen

DIS Summer Faculty

MA (Russian Language and Literature, University of Copenhagen, 2012). Teacher of Danish Language and Literature, Saint Petersburg University of Telecommunication, 2006. Assistant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of European Neighborhood and Russia, 2006-2009. With DIS since 2008.